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Our goal is to create healthier churches. We do that by investing in new leaders, creating coaching opportunities for pastors, and providing tools and resources for churches.

We understand that ministry can be challenging at times, and our hope is that we can be a help to the churches and pastors who need it. God has given us a great mission, and we desire to help you live that mission out.


To strengthen your church and ministries.

Church Health Newsletter

Each week we send out a newsletter sharing ministry tips along with some of the best church health content we’ve watched, listened to, or read that week.

Coaching Opportunities

Each year there are multiple coaching and networking opportunites available to pastors. Send an email to Travis Stephens to learn more.

Church Leadership Network

CLN was created to develop healthy leaders who will help lead healthy churches. They provide both in person and online resources.

Leadership Resources

Browse a library of resources from General Baptist Ministries

Leaders Advancing in Ministry

The LAMP Program

The Leaders Advancing in Ministry Program (LAMP) has been developed out of a conviction that many people aware of the call of God to ministry are unable to obtain formal ministerial training. Men and women called of God to lay ministry within the context of the local church need training to better live out that call. LAMP has been developed primarily to meet that need. LAMP also provides a continuing education option for those who have already obtained formal training.

This program is designed to be evaluated and updated periodically. New materials and new methods will be regularly incorporated.

LAMP has a built-in accountability factor through a mandatory mentoring program. Every enrollee is required to have a qualified mentor to assist him/her in the program. Written reports are then reviewed through the LAMP Director’s office where a transcript is kept updated for each student.

The leadership development process of LAMP involves three levels.
Level 100 consists of basic discipleship materials organized around the theme of Personal Leadership Development
Level 200 consists of biblical studies and provides two options or tracks of study in this Biblical Leadership Development segment.
Level 300 is particularly designed to be completed by those who are pursuing ordination to pastoral ministry without pursuing a religious studies degree. This section also requires ministry projects to coincide with the courses being studied in Pastoral Leadership Development. This section provides a variety of options for the student so that each student in consultation with his/her mentor may craft a well-rounded but personally tailored program of study.

Our philosophy is that every member of a General Baptist church be an active and productive minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To find out more or to begin the LAMP program:
Download the LAMP Catalog – Revised 2020
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