Summit Schedule

July 18-20, 2024


July 18th

11:00 am – Registration opens

2:00 pm – General Association Meeting

7:00 pm – Evening Session | Keynote Speaker: Mac Lake


July 19th

9:00 am – Morning Session | Keynote Speaker: David Mitchell

10:45 am – 4×10 Sessions: Adam Fears, Joyce Porcadilla Rubia, Lauren Pugh, JonWesley Kirby

11:30 am – Lunch Break

11:30 am – Women’s Ministries Luncheon at The Venue

1:30 pm – Breakout Session 1

2:40 pm – Breakout Session 2

3:50 pm Break Session 3

5:00 pm – Dinner Break

7:00 pm – Closing Session & Commissioning Service | Keynote Speaker: Danny Dunivan


July 20th

8:00 am – 11:00 am – Church Leadership Network One Days on “The Ideal Disciple”, Church Leadership and “Leadership in a Broken Culture.”

Breakout Session Topics

Missions and Ministry Track | Main Auditorium @ Freedom Church


Finding and Developing Leaders | Vince Daniel 

  • After a year of our “Answering the Call” initiative and over 80 individuals hearing the call, what is the next step for those people and their churches? This session will address the value of assessments in leadership development and how churches can leverage a Mentor Guide to set those new leaders up for success. 


Highlights and Stories from the Mission Fields | Mark Powell and Special Guest Missionaries

  • Across the world, General Baptists are making an impact through various ministries, partnerships, and institutions! Hear stories and highlights from our ministries and celebrate some milestones. 


How to Lead and Preach in a Secular Culture | Carl Nichols 

  • Church leadership is increasingly difficult in light of our contemporary culture’s secularization. However, we are called to lead at this moment. This session will explore strategies for addressing our complex issues and encourage further conversation. 


Healthy Church Track | Kids Auditorium @ Freedom Church


From Parking Lot to Pulpit: Creating a Great Church Experience | Travis Stephens and Chad Hunt

  • Join Travis Stephens and special guest Chad Hunt from the Unstuck Group for Part 1 of a Three-Part Series focusing on Church Health. This session will address ways to create intentional experiences from the first moments a person steps on your church’s property to the end of the sermon.  


Growth Engines: How to Get More First-Time Guests Connected to the Church | Travis Stephens and Chad Hunt

  • In Part 2 of the Healthy Church Track, Travis and Chad will discuss the “whys” and “hows” of being a connecting church.  


Casting Vision: The Secret Sauce of Turning Around a Church in Decline | Travis Stephens and Chad Hunt

  • In Part 3 of the Healthy Church Track, dive into the art of vision casting and its valuable role in revitalizing a church. 


Specialty Ministries | Next Steps Room @ Freedom Church


Community Engagement Beyond the Church Walls | Barry Cullen and Byron Beck

  • Two long-time pastors will share valuable outreach lessons they have learned over decades of serving their communities.  


Effective Strategies for Youth Engagement | Aaron Dickenson and Tyler Gilman

  • Every generation looks to the youth of their day with cautious curiosity, but some see them and their unlocked potential. Join two pastors dedicated to engaging and equipping the Next Generation as they discuss their strategies for youth ministry today.  


Creative and Engaging Kids Programming | Jenni Swartz

  • This session will explore strategies and practical tools for capturing, educating, and engaging children in your church.  


Evangelism and Discipleship Track  | Main Auditorium @ Centerpoint Church


Building Community within the Church | Clint Cook

  • This session will include lessons learned and strategies for engaging and connecting people to the church, from communicating about the community to systematizing a small groups ministry.

Focusing on Spiritual Formation in the Church | Brandon Petty 

  • Everyone wants to know what you are doing for discipleship in your church, but how often do we talk about the disciples we are becoming? In this session, learn about the power of spiritual formation for you and your church. 


Preaching and Teaching for Impact | Jason Baugh

  • Whether you just started preaching or have been doing it for years, presenting the Gospel is essential! This session will discuss how to engage audiences and communicate for life change. 


Leadership Development Track | Youth Room @ Centerpoint Church


Creating and Implementing a Leadership Pipeline | Jessica Petty

  • Creating a pipeline of leaders is vital for churches of every size. If you are looking for where to begin or ways to tweak what you are already doing, this session will help you take your church’s leadership development system to the next level. 


Identifying and Nurturing Young Leaders | Charles Richardson, Shawn Carter, Diana Harrison, hosted by Tammy Scheller

  • In this panel session, Tammy Scheller from Enon General Baptist will facilitate a conversation on finding and developing future leaders. Learn from Charles Richardson (Hitts Chapel GB), Shawn Carter (Strong Tower), and Diana Harrison (Generation), who are doing the messy work of mining out potential, and how you can do it, too! 


Mentoring Emerging Leaders | Tim LaFleur

  • Once a young leader is identified, what do you do with them? That’s the question our special guest, Tim LaFleur, will explore. From his time pastoring and as a college campus minister, Tim will share lessons learned over the years in equipping leaders for the ministry’s work.