Healthy Churches, Healthy Leaders, Healthy Marriages Cohort

A new way for church leaders to gather, learn from one another, and work to build healthier churches and church leaders

A 10 Month Leadership Cohort

While the truth of the gospel remains unchanged, church leadership today requires us to constantly sharpen our ideas and skills. I believe this is always best done in a community with other people who are leading in their own context. That is why General Baptist Ministries created the Church Leadership Network. This fall, we will offer a new way for church leaders like you to gather, learn from one another, and work to build healthier churches and church leaders. Imagine the inspiration and motivation you will gain from learning and sharing with other leaders. We are calling this the “Healthy Churches, Healthy Leaders, Healthy Marriages Cohort.”  

This 10-month leadership cohort focuses on health in all three areas. The group will meet 10 times over 10 months. Eight of those meetings will be virtual 2-3 hour sessions, and two will take place in 2-3 day onsite gatherings. 

The topics covered in the cohort are designed to be practical and immediately applicable to your leadership role. These include church systems, maximizing the momentum of the year, outreach, Christmas planning, volunteers, year-end generosity, cyclical planning and strategy, budgeting, assimilation and discipleship, leadership development, Easter planning, and ongoing assessment, evaluation, and improvement. You will find these topics insightful and highly practical for your day-to-day leadership responsibilities. 

The two onsite meetings are scheduled as follows: 

  • October 25-27 at Relevant Church in Locust Grove, GA. You are encouraged to bring your spouse to this meeting. We will begin by joining the Marriage Uncensored Conference at Relevant, and after the conference, we will meet together at the home of Pastor Carl and Julie Nichols for continued conversation. You will also be invited to see “behind-the-scenes” at Relevant’s three worship experiences, exposing you to every campus environment through shadowing various staff.
  • March 31-April 1 at GBHQ in Poplar Bluff, MO. The first day will be a summative experience discussing the various parts of your learning during the cohort with additional content on team building and assessment, evaluation, and improvement. The second day will be a Church Leadership Network One Day event where you will help Pastor Carl leverage the lessons you have learned from the cohort to pour into other leaders! 

The cohort costs $500, which can be paid in a lump sum or through ten $50 monthly installments. This includes both the pastor and spouse for the marriage conference. If you would like to extend this opportunity to a member of your staff (and spouse), feel free to do so. They would simply require an additional registration fee. Travel, lodging, and some meals during the on-site meetings are not included. 

We are limiting registration for this cohort to a select group of 20 leaders. We are sending this exclusive invite to a few pastors of churches for whom we think such a cohort would be most beneficial. However, registration will open up to the general public beginning at the Summit on July 18. We value your leadership and would be honored to have you as part of this cohort!