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Congregational & Pastoral Ministries

Congregational and Pastoral Ministries exists to equip churches and to provide support, give counseling, and provide training for those whom God has placed in ministry to make disciples, develop leaders, and grow healthy churches.

Secondary Title


Our department also helps provide:

  • Guidance and counseling in ministerial concerns.
  • Training through LAMP.
  • Referral services for pastors and churches.
  • Resources for both personal and leadership development.
  • Mediation in conflict situations.
  • Assistance in the development of adequate compensation packages.
  • Encouragment to participation in the General Baptist Pension Trust.
  • Endorsement of Chaplains.

Our goal is that every General Baptist church would be

  • renewed and thus filled with a new spiritual energy;
  • relevant and thus able to reach the local setting in which they find themselves;
  • resilient and thus able to approach the future with confidence as the lifespan of the church is seen to extend beyond the current generation.

Church Consultations

The old proverb is so true:  “Too close to the forest to see the trees.”  

Consulting can be conversational and informal.

Consulting can also be systematic and formal.

Systematic and formal consultations are available in different formats in three specialized areas:

  • Church Health Assessment. The formal assessment involves a few weeks of advance preparation and information gathering combined with a weekend of surveys, observations and interviews. A follow-up report with detailed observations and recommendations will be produced. General Baptist churches are asked only to cover the cost of the tabulation and scoring of the church health survey.
  • Church Growth Strategies. This formal assessment involves a thorough review of the church’s growth patterns, an analysis of the community demographics, and the development of a training implementation plan to generate growth.
  • Legacy Consultation. If church leaders feel their organization is nearing the end of its life cycle, work can be done to assess the attitudes, programming and trajectory of the congregation to help make informed decisions regarding restart and renewal or transfer of assets to the future through church planting or endowments through the General Baptist Foundation.

For more information regarding any of these consultation services contact us by phone at 573-785-7746, e-mail or in person.