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Saipan Community Church was started by Reverend Ed Stevens shortly after the end of World War II. The ministry has grown over the years and now consists of a beautiful campus along the beach road in the the Susupe area of Saipan. Saipan Community School, K-8, is a ministry of Saipan Community Church. 

The church and school are extremely multi-cultural in nature with people from the US, Japan, China, Korea, Palau, Chuuk, the Philippines and many other locations represented. The church has two full time pastoral staff members as well as a full compliment of school personnel

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General Baptists have been ministering in Guam since 1911. This is our first and oldest field of ministry outside the continental United States. Over the years we have been blessed by our connection with Guam and look forward to many more years of ministry and outreach to the residents, guest workers and military families of Guam.

Protestant work on Guam began in 1899. General Baptists sent Reverend and Mrs. Arthur U. Logan to Guam in 1911. Under the Logans, the Hågatña church was renovated with concrete walls. The Baptist congregation was then led by Reverend and Mrs. D.R. Thomas (1922-1925), Reverend and Mrs. A.L. Luttrell (1925-1928) and Reverend Dale Tennison (1928-1930). 

In 1935, Joaquin Flores Sablan, whom Reverend Luttrell had accompanied to Oakland City for schooling, returned to Guam as the first ordained Chamorro Protestant minister. When the Japanese occupied Guam during World War II, Reverend Sablan moved to Yigo and, from there, traversed Guam to attend to his scattered Baptist congregation. After the war, a new church was completed in Agana Heights in 1955. The missions in Umatac and Inarajan eventually closed but new congregations were started in Yigo, Agat, and Talofofo and continue to the present day.