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General Baptist Bible College - Davao City, Philippines

The General Baptist Bible College - GBBC exists to train and equip generations for Christian service. Hundreds of alumni today serve in the field of ministry, education, music, business, and even in governmental service.

Founded by General Baptists in 1965, GBBC has been training pastors, Christian education workers, and school teachers who serve the Philippines. Classroom instruction by well trained faculty is complimented by ministry practicum in the field. The student body is energetic and ministry minded, expressing a deep heart and compassion for the people of the Philippines

Matigsalug Bible Institute - Mindanao, Philippines

Founded by General Baptists in 1978, the Matigsalug Bible Institute - MBI in Mindanao, Philippines has been training pastors and Christian workers for ministry in the tribal areas of Mindanao. The staff members, students, and families live in community and are growing in their Christian walk. 

The purpose of the Matigsalug Bible Institute is to train Christian workers for General Baptist churches in the tribal area. MBI makes available theological training for Christian workers at an entry level for those who have not completed high school. When young men and women enroll at MBI, they are trained not only how to preach, but how to work as well. They are assigned duties on the property such as farming or facilities maintenance to help subsidize their costs.

Many steps have been made to make the school less dependent and more self-sufficient by creating rice farms and tilapia fish farming.

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General Baptist have two ministry centers in India.

Kakinada/Pithapuram in the state of Andhra Pradesh is under the direction of Dr. Prakash and his wife, Jemima. Andhra Pradesh has a population of 84 million with 1.51% being Christian. General Baptists have been working here since 1982. The churches connected to this ministry are collectively called the India Association of General Baptists.

Siddipet in the state of Telangana is under the direction of Jessey Vemula and his wife Brittany. Telangana has a population of 35 million with 1.2% being Christian. General Baptists have worked in this area since 2013. The connected churches in this area compose the Calvary Grace Association.

General Baptists are also involved in a number of ministries in India: Living Waters Project water project, Lydia Sewing Centers in Telangana, Dorcas Sewing Centers in Andhra Pradesh, audio Bibles, Good Shepherds Children’s Home, and Grace Home for Women, among others.

Dorcas and Lydia Sewing Centers

Originally the Dorcas Sewing Centers were started by Pastor Suvarna Raj to get destitute women off the streets, enable them to earn a livelihood, and introduce them to faith in Jesus Christ. We praise the Lord that over the years hundreds of women have come to the Lord through the Dorcas Sewing Centers.

Dorcas and Lydia Sewing Centers exist to teach poor and disadvantaged ladies of India to sew and to reach them for the gospel. Most of these ladies and Hindus and, because of cultural mandates, can only be reached by women, especially our General Baptist Bible women.

On completion of their course, students from the Dorcas Sewing Centers are given a sewing machine on a matching funds basis. The ladies are required to raise their portion and the Centers pay the remaining $100.

The Dorcas Sewing Centers are a ministry of the India Association under the direction of Pastor Prakash and the Lydia Sewing Center is a ministry of the Calvary Grace Association under the leadership of Pastor Jessey.

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Southeast Asia

Our ministry on the mainland of Southeast Asia focuses on a two groups of people who make up the world wide diaspora (the dispersion of people from their homeland), asylum seekers and refugees.

An Asylum Seeker is a person who has fled from their country but is not yet accepted as a refugee. Refugees and Asylum Seekers are different. Universal declaration of human rights specifies that “everyone has the right to seek and enjoy asylum abroad from persecution”. They aim to become refugees in order to apply to countries where they can settle. The latest statistics show that there are approximately 7,000 Asylum Seekers (inclusive of asylum seekers, refugees and torture claimants) in Hong Kong waiting for a decision. The success rate for their application is very low. Often asylum seekers spend years in Hong Kong waiting for their case to be processed. They mainly come from south Asia and Africa as well as other regions and live at a bare minimum well below subsistence level.

We seek to to provide assistance to this group and offer support primarily through relationship building and teaching English as a second language.