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Global Missions

General Baptist Global Missions (GBGM) is an evangelical agency which sends missionaries and plants churches throughout the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Information can be found here reflecting our various activities and ministries. GBGM is a ministry of the General Association of General Baptists and supported by Unified Giving.

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Honduras - Faith Home

Faith Home is a General Baptist ministry providing a safe and healthy place to love and raise children who were neglected, abandoned, and abused.

Faith Home consists of a 50 acre campus near San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On this campus, 10 homes have been constructed to provide housing for the children. Married, Honduran, Christian couples have been hired to live in each home and provide the day to day care. These house parents, and their own children, provide the foundation for the family unit in each home.

A school, Little Angels, has been constructed and staffed to assist the children with their education. More recently, we have added a computer lab. Faith Home employs a full time educational specialist to oversee the children’s education and school coordination.

The court system works with Faith Home to place children at Faith Home who come from situations of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Child Sponsorship Program

Our mission is simple. We share the love of Christ with children knowing that a life touched by Jesus is never the same. We share His love with smiles, hugs, and kisses. We share His love by providing a safe place for the children to grow up, where they do not need to worry about being abused or abandoned, where they have plenty to eat and a safe place to sleep. We share His love by giving them a quality bilingual education. But most of all, we share His love by worshipping, teaching, and modeling God's holy Word.

A child sponsorship is $25 a month, and it takes 18 to fully sponsor a child, for a total of $450 per month per child. Your $25 a month sponsorship helps provide shelter, food, clothing, schooling, and medical and legal expenses.

With more than 60 children currently in residence at Faith Home, there are a total of at least 1,080 sponsorships needed. If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Faith Home, please contact the mission office at 573-785-7746, email, or visit our Donations page.

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Mexico's 110 million people consist of approximately 8% evangelicals. About one-third of this population is below the age of fifteen. This, combined with years of continued drug wars and corruption, has put millions at risk. There is a great deal of development work required. There is urgent need for leadership training, biblical training, and strategic financial investment to propel this ministry into the future.

General Baptist Ministries has been working in Mexico for approximately 15 years. Along with three General Baptist churches in Juarez, one in Chihuahua, and many in Tijuana, God has positioned us to play a dynamic role in the process of bringing the Gospel to this country.

Recent growth among General Baptists in Mexico has seen expansion to Baja California Norte and Chiapas. There are currently four Bible institutes operating in the country and Pastor Rene Rodriguez serves as coordinator for Hispanic education.

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The General Baptist work in Jamaica had its beginnings in 1958 through correspondence initiated by Reverend Roger J. Cazziol, a faith missionary who was working in the newly independent country of Ghana in West Africa. Cazziol became interested in General Baptist theology while attending seminary. While in Ghana he became aware of the possibilities of mission work in Jamaica and took the position of Headmaster at a private boys school to start a ministry of missionary evangelism in the rural areas of central Jamaica.

In 1961 Cazziol registered his ministry as the Jamaica Association of General Baptists although no churches had yet been organized. In 1962 Cazziol affiliated with a General Baptist Church in Florida and a new opportunity and relationship was born between American and Jamaican General Baptists. The connection was cemented on September 11, 1966 when the Jamaican churches formed their Articles of Association and became the Jamaica Association of General Baptists. The Jamaica Association celebrated 50 years of service to Christ in 2016!

Today the Jamaica Association consists of nine churches with over 500 members. There is an active Women’s Missionary Society, Youth organization, Brotherhood and camping program.